“Wanderings” The Project

poster itinerances
“Somewhere in this world,
there is a wandering postcards album
traveling from place to place
according to the memories
of people it encounters.”

Status: completed
Format: transmedia project
Production company: Arts du Lien

“WANDERINGS” is a transmedia short project including a short film and an actual postcards album being moved all over the world by people who find it.

To know more about the project, watch the film or track the album through out the world.

wanderings still 15THE FILM
“When loneliness overwhelms you, memories from others become your own.”
The film tells the story of Gustave, a 70-year-old man who finds the album within the loneliness of his daily life.
Feb 13 2014

Enter the fiction and track the album through out the world in order to maybe get the chance to write down on it one of your own memories.

French newspapers LE PROGRÈS and LE COURRIER CAUCHOIS both fell for the project!

courrier cauchois le progres