“Wanderings” The Map

Follow the path of the wandering album and improve your chances to maybe cross its path through out the world!

The points on the map reveal the places the album was last seen.
If you click on them, pictures taken by the people will appear, along with a few words on their personal memory if they agreed to share it. You can also simply scroll down to discover the entire journey of the album.

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Dec 1st 2013: 40.574926, -73.985941
Dec 7th 2013: 40.697786, -73.998317
Dec 20th 2013: 48.851629, 2.354153
Dec 28th 2013: 49.762805, 0.364961
Jan. 4th 2014: 49.806425, 0.495624
Jan 9th 2013: 49.707007, 0.205598
Jan 11th 2014: 49.089328, 0.597811
Jan 12th 2014: 48.373331, -4.502183
Jan 14th 2014: 48.383345, -4.497131
Jan 15th 2014: 49.740680, 0.517437
Jan 16th 2014: 48.374051, -4.369108
Jan 17th 2014: 48.635794, -1.511205
Jan 19th 2014: 48.852968, 2.349902
Jan 25th 2014: 48.870644, 2.332113
Feb 13th 2014: 40.758760, -73.984754
Feb 24th 2014: 44.939420, 6.751603
March 2nd 2014: 48.852214, 2.351984
March 22nd 2014: 41.480902, -71.324540
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March 22nd 2014

22 March 2014

Going up north the album seems to like the coast and was found by Amanda in Newport.

Amanda’s memory: the first time her dad took her on a boat.

Newport Harbor, Newport, RI, United States
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March 2nd 2014

2 march 2014 bis2 march 2014 Paris, the City of love, no wonder the album is longing there and was found by romantic Robert.

His memory couldn’t be told by any words except his own. Thank you for sharing your postcard notes with us.

Quai de l//////’Archevêché, Paris, France
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Feb 24th 2014

1 march 201424 feb 2014

The album crossed a new border and was found by Margaux nearby a skiing school in Italy!

Her memory: a skiing class at la “scuola”.

Claviere, Turin, Italy
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Feb 13th 2014

Feb 13 2014Looks like after the movie, the album decided to stay around screens and settled in Times Square where it was found by John.

John’s memory: looking up to the screens and magnificent buildings to discover something only very few will see: a wandering album.

Times Square, Manhattan, NY, United States
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Jan 25th 2014

Jan 25 Left by the Opéra Place in Paris, the album met another traveler: Sara!

Her memory: coming back from the airport to re-discover Paris in music!

Place de l////’Opéra, Paris, France
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Jan 19th 2014

19 jan 2014After its journey in Brittany, the album is back to the City of Love: Paris! Found by Michele by Notre Dame of Paris.

Her memory: the 60th anniversary of a close friend.

Notre-Dame de Paris, Parvis Notre-Dame – place Jean-Paul-II, Paris, France
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Jan 17th 2014

jan 17 2014 Is the album trying to relax on the beautiful Mont St Michel? It was found there by a hiker called Catherine. A big thank you to her!

Her memory: a week of hiking that lead her into some shifting sands!

Mont Saint-Michel, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France
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Jan 16th 2014

jan 16 2014 Still in French Brittany, the album ended in beautiful village Plougastel and was found by Nathalie.

Her memory: What an ordeal!

Plougastel-Daoulas, France
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Jan 15th 2014

jan 15 2014
Album found by Laurence in Valmont, along the “Abbaye”…

Her memory: A fun hiking day with friends!

Valmont, France
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Jan 14th 2014

Jan 14 2014
The album keeps wandering through Brittany and was found by beautiful Eugénie by night near by the Tanguy Tower in Brest!

Her memory: a familly dinner!

Tour Tanguy, Square Pierre Péron, Brest, France
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Jan 12th 2014

Jan 12 2014
The wandering album dreamt of sailing around the world… Next to Thomas Coville’s famous race sailing boat called “Sodebo”, it was found by a traveling poet Herve. Thank you to him for sending a picture of the back of his postcard!

Port de Brest, Brest, France
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Jan 11th 2014

Jan 11 2014
The album rode couple miles from the shores to land in Bernay and be found by Kiéra and Lyne.

Their memory: a little thought for the King and Queen’s sides on stage and for the artists!

Bernay, France
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Jan 9th 2013

Jan 9 2014 The album made a stop by the famous Normandian cliffs of Etretat and was found by Maurice ! Where will it go next?

Maurice’s memory: an unlucky afternoon at the casino with his friend Jeannot.

Étretat, France
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Jan. 4th 2014

Jan 4 2013
Album spotted by Cecile in St Pierre en Port (France) and starting a new journey through Normandy and elsewhere…

Her memory: a wonderful and windy shoot with friends!

Saint-Pierre-en-Port, France
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Dec 28th 2013

Dec 28 2013

The album kept wandering up to a little harbor in Normandy: found in Fécamp by Gustave on December 28th 2013.

His memory: “a quiet walk within a loneliness storm”.

Quai Vauban, Fécamp, France
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Dec 20th 2013

Dec 20 2013
The wandering album crossed the Altlantic and was found by the Seine in Paris by Cyril and Margot on Dec 20th 2013.

Their memory: their moving to Paris as future parents… :-)

Quai d////’Orléans, Paris, France
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Dec 7th 2013

ArseneDec 7 2013

Album spotted in a tree and found by Arsene on Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway on Dec 7th 2013.

His memory: a decisive moment in the beautiful New York City.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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Dec 1st 2013

Charlotte et CarolineDec 1 2013

The wandering album was found on Dec 1st 2013 by the two cutest princesses ever: Caroline and Charlotte.

Their memory: a sunny and chill day on Coney Island beach.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States